How long before I am able to use the tub when you are finished?

-This fast-drying process allows you to use the tub after just 12 hours. In most cases, this means you may use the tub the following morning.
Bathroom Magic, LLC
Bathroom Magic, LLC
How long does it take to complete the refinishing process?
-The process to refinish a bathtub takes between 3-5 hours from start to finish. There is virtually no mess since most of the work is completed in or around the bathtub area.

Are there any bad odors from the process?

-During the process, most of the smells are taken care of through the use of a window fan. If there is not a window in the bathroom, the other air handlers are used to vent the smells to the nearest window. Since it is such a quick drying process, most of the minor smells dissipate within a couple of hours.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for Bathroom Magic's arrival?

-The only preparation needed is to make sure there are no leaks present from the spigot or shower head or the work will not be able to be completed. Other than that, there is no preparartion needed for our arrival.

How long can I expect the refinishing to last?

-With regular care and proper cleaning, your Euroglaze refinish should last for many years. The life expectancy for the material is over 10 years. Peeling and flaking are the most common concerns for most people. Most of this usually happens during the first year if there is moisture trapped between the material and the surface, your three year warrantee gives you ample security in the unlikely event that this were to happen to your tub.

Is it the same as a new bathtub?

-An original cast iron or steel tub has a porcelain coating baked on at high temperatures. Since we are refinishing the bathtub without having to remove it, we are unable to perform this step. What you are receiving is an effective, proven surface, and the next best thing to the original surface.